Southern Soul Festival Montenegro returns for its 6th year to bring you a magical experience of music, dance, sea and sun. A four day sun-kissed musical holiday completed with the soundtrack of your life!

Situated at one of the most beautiful sandy beaches at the Adriatic Coast -Velika Plaza, near the city of Ulcinjwith a very well preserved fortress-like old town from medieval times.

Our boutique festival features hip and underground names representing a broad selection of musical styles including soul, jazz, funk, house and disco.

With less time spent queueing, there is more time to immerse yourself in over 40 acts and more than 70 hours of music on 3 stages.

This small festival gem is held at Dolcinium Kite Club on Copacabana Beach which is part of Velika Plaza, the most beautiful, unique and the longest sandy beach on the Mediterranean coast. You can dance all day long and then enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets you have ever seen.

City of Ulcinj has a magnificent old town which is a very well preserved fortress-like structure from medieval times. The old town sits atop a mountain overlooking the shore. And there are many splendid small beaches all around the city. Šaskolake and Ulcinj's salt pond (Port Milena) are popular among birdwatchers, because Ulcinj and its surroundings are major resting points for over 200 bird species on their migration paths.

Ada Bojana, which is also part of Velika plaza and ten minutes away from the festival, is an island created by a river delta of the Bojana River. The island is of triangular shape, bordered from two sides by the Bojanariver, and by the Adriatic Sea from the south-west. Ada Bojana has 3 km long sandy beach and is covered with vegetation which makes it a special ecological world with rare animals and plants. It also embraces the most popular nudist beach in Montenegro. Ada Bojana is one of the premier kitesurfing and windsurfing locations on the Adriatic Coast with strong cross onshore winds during summer afternoons. Horse riding is also a popular activity and if you love fresh seafood you will spoilt for choice as you can taste various sea specialties, fish, crabs, shells and more at one of the many traditional seafood restaurants.

The New York Times included Ada Bojana and Velika Plaza  in a ranking of top travel destinations for 2010, calling it a “wave-riding capital on the Adriatic”


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